Octopa's Toolkit


A toolkit to help playful, critical and productive engagement in taking up the notion of extended choreography, through OCTOPA’s persona.

OCTOPA’s Toolkit is a workshop activity playing with the notion of extended choreography to voice the future through personas.

This creative resource aims to:
• Position the choreographic project in relation to the as yet unknown and imaginary futures.
• Exploring the use of words and metaphors in shaping concepts in a master’s project.
• Taking up the persona called OCTOPA in relation to climate change.
• Supporting development of choreo-design fictions with new personas and scenarios.

Being both a persona and a device, OCTOPA’s Toolkit introducing how personas and terms can shape our futures through choreographic projects, in the context of climate change. This experimental meta-cognitive exercise will ask you to discover and reconfigure OCTOPA’s many specificities to question your current practices and aspirations regarding the future(s).

This toolkit is provided in a print’n’play format: you will have to print, cut, and assemble the material in order to use it during collaborative sessions. Please follow the related instructions within the folder to assemble and use the toolkit.